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Hall School

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Curriculum Pathways

A multi-tiered approach to learning

Pupils at Hall School receive a broad and balanced curriculum, which is child centred and needs driven. The curriculum is mainly not subject specific, but has aspects of the National Curriculum running through it which become more prominent in the Formal pathway. Pupils are provided with opportunities to develop independence skills and functional life skills.  Pupils start their journey on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and complete their Hall School education in 6th Form, with a life skills based curriculum accredited through ASDAN.

During Key Stages 1-4, each pupil will be taught along a pathway specific to their learning needs, but those pupils who may fall between pathways will have access to both, ensuring that their educational experience is tailored to them.

Our personalised approach to learning, combines bespoke content and learning experiences tailored to the individual needs of each child and is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of, but not limited to, SaLT, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Health professional and Social Care. 

At Hall School we realise that the learning needs of our individuals and class groups can change, so to this end, we regularly review our timetables and use of resources to ensure all needs are met and there is clear structure, progression and ambition within the content for all pathways. 


Curriculum Overview


EYFS EYFS Example Timetable 










3-5 years

There are seven areas of learning and development that must shape educational programmes in early years settings. All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected.


Pre-Formal Pathway   Pre-Formal Example Timetable 










Key Stage 1-4

 A curriculum of ideas for learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties to help Teachers/TAs to:

• Build routines

• Facilitate change

• Offer alternatives

• Observe and guide


Semi-Formal Pathway Example of Semi-Formal Topics 










Key Stage 1-4

A creative pupil centred curriculum which endorses building connections, problem solving skills and coherence and ensures ongoing opportunities for active cross-curricular and contextualised learning. 


Formal Pathway Example of Formal Topics 









Key Stage 1-4

A range of approaches, teaching styles, collaborative learning and assessment that is fit for purpose and integral to quality teaching and learning. 


Post-16 6th Form Example Timetable 










16-19 years

A life skills based accredited curriculum, providing real world learning opportunities to prepare young people for a meaningful, happy and safe life beyond school.

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