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Sensory Drama

Multisensory drama is a weekly group session that uses story telling together with multi-sensory activities to support the development of communication skills. The sensory activities are designed to help tell a simple story, and to practice sequencing events so students can show us their full personality, their likes and dislikes, their interests and wishes. 


The stories in Multisensory Drama usually unfold over a full term, giving the students lots of opportunities to engage, anticipate all their favourite parts of the story, explore their senses and share the experience with a group of others. 

Wherever possible our Multisensory Dramas address major themes from the Primary and Secondary Curriculum.  We have a Immersive Classroom, that we use to run these sessions.

Sensory Drama


 Our Multisensory Drama sessions have recently included: 

  • The Very Hungry Human: Covering the topics of healthy eating and food and exploring sweet, salty, savoury, bitter, sour tastes.
  • Christmas: A Christmas Mystery, solving the mystery of who left footprints in the snow whilst exploring lots of different Christmas experiences.
  • Treasure Island: Exploring different ways of traveling, the sea, using puppets and landing on a tropical island where buried treasure could be found, containing activities and resources personalised to each specific student.
  • Out and About: A virtual journey into our community visiting shops, cafes and the Forum, giving our students lots of practice telling us where they wanted to go, how they wanted to travel and what they wanted to do when they arrived. 

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