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The SEGWAY Group is made up of our Sixth Form Student Council members, who meet weekly on a Monday afternoon. The aim of this group is to encourage and support social interactions between students and develop communication skills through engaging students in school wide projects and topics of interest. 

The same routine is followed each week to provide consistency and familiar structure to the group. This includes; reading through the week’s agenda and asking peers about their ‘Weekend News,’ before continuing with the week's activities.  



 Over the last year the SEGWAY Group have: 

  • Participated in SoSAFE! sessions.
  • Contributed their views and opinions for the School Council.
  • Fundraised for school equipment.
  • Looked at student wellbeing and self esteem.
  • Put forward their ideas for the development of the school Ethos and Values.




This is a weekly group for Senior and Secondary Student Council members who meet every Wednesday morning. 

STEPS Group offers support through turn-taking activities to develop peer to peer interactions. It also introduces topics of specific interest. Students may communicate using speech, sign or a communication aid during these sessions.  


Over the last year STEPS Group have: 

  • Continued to work on the  SoSAFE! approach and are learning how to have healthy relationships and how to be safe in the community.
  • Learnt more about how to be safe online.
  • Carried out quizzes to help us think about ways that people are the same and ways that people are different.
  • Completed questionnaires for the School Council.
  • Developed ideas for the library renovation project, including visits to libraries in the community for inspiration.


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