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Hall School

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for communication and interaction


At Hall School, we believe in a Total Communication Approach. To support this, we use a range of visual resources to help students understand the spoken language and to support students process the world around them.

Please find more information through

Just One Norfolk - Using Visuals (justonenorfolk.nhs.uk)

National Autistic Society - Visual supports (autism.org.uk)

Reachout, Autism Support Consultants - Downloadable Resources - Reachout ASC


Below are some visual resources that we practise at Hall School.

 First and Then Boards and Visual Timetables - Both of these help to prepare students for what is going to happen. 'First and then' boards focus on the smallest period of time. Visual timetables can prepare students for what will happen over a morning, an afternoon, Monday to Friday, a weekend or for a specific time e.g. a holiday. 

first then boards.pdf

visual timetable.pdf

where am i going today visual board.pdf


Working Towards Boards - Support students to remain motivated to complete a task by reminding the student of an agreed reward.

working towards board.pdf


Choice Boards - Support a student to communicate their preference. The choice can be between a preferred and a non-preferred item, two or more objects/activities that the student can have/do.

choose your cheer board.pdf


The symbol system we use at Hall School is through Widgit - InPrint. Please find some useful resources following the link.

Widgit Symbol Resources | Ready-Made Teaching Materials



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